Dental Membership Plan

We aim to provide the best quality dental care to help patients achieve optimum oral health, our goal is a lifetime smile with natural teeth. We want our patients to be rewarded.

We are pleased to offer our membership plan, giving you the benefit of having regular visits whilst spreading the cost over monthly payments, making treatment affordable and easy for you to budget. The plan offers additional benefits exclusive to members, including discounts on further treatments.

  • Why join our Membership Plan?

    Along with access to exclusive savings, benefits and discounts, becoming a member of our plan ensures your dental care is tailored to meet your personal needs, at intervals that your dentist has decided are clinically necessary. This means we can help you to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

  • What will I receive as standard when I join a Membership Plan?

    • Routine dental examinations as clinically required
    • Regular dental hygiene treatments as clinically required
    • Free digital x-rays (when required)
    • Free OPG (large) x-rays (when required)
    • Exclusive access to our membership fees list (see examples below), providing quality dental services at a preferred rate
    • 10% discount off oral hygiene products
    • £100 off our teeth whitening services
    • Worldwide Accident and Emergency Cover

  • Examples of Members fee list

    Normal Private fee

    Membership fee

    Composite filling (small)



    Root canal filling (premolar)









    A comprehensive fee comparison is available from your practice team. Please ask for a copy.

  • How do I join?

    Joining is simple – just speak to one of our practice team, who will be more than happy to help you complete the simple application form. This will take no longer than a few minutes and you can start to receive all of the benefits as soon as you are registered and your membership is confirmed by our membership plan administrators, Smilecare.

  • Flexible plans to suit every patient need:

    £14.55 per month (less than 48p per day)

    Normal Private fee

    Membership fee

    Two annual dental examinations



    Two dental hygiene treatments



    Free digital X-rays (2)



    Emergency same day appointment






    Worldwide accident and emergency cover

    not available


    Total value



    The annual cost of your plan is £174.60 in 12 easy to manage monthly Direct Debit payments of £14.55 per month. PLUS you receive discount on private treatment when required.

  • And should you require additional hygiene treatments:

    • Add £5.30 per month for three hygiene visits per year
    • Add £9.30 per month for four hygiene visits per year

    We also offer an essentials plan at £9.85 per month to include one examination and one hygiene visit per year.

And there is good news for patients who receive their dental care under the NHS and elect to have private dental hygiene services. You can remain within the NHS and still enjoy savings on elected private treatment when you join our hygiene only plans.

Two hygiene treatments per year for just £8.00 per month which is less than 26p per day
Three hygiene treatments per year for just £12.00 per month which is less than 40p per day
Four hygiene treatments per year for just £16.00 per month which is less than 53p per day

Call 01753 522091 for an application form and start enjoying your discounted treatment benefits straight away.

Have a question?

Simply complete the form and a member of our team will be happy to help.

To keep you fully informed of our policies please note the following:

• There is a one-off £12 administration joining fee, which will be added to your first monthly collection
• Your monthly payments will be taken on the first working day of each month by our administrators Smilecare Limited and their name will appear on your bank statement
• We are not able to alter the date of the Direct Debit payment
• Your discounts will commence following your first monthly payment
• If your Direct Debit payments fail consecutively we may cancel your membership, providing you with one month’s notice in writing
• Hygiene entitlements will commence following your first monthly payment
• Patients are responsible for making and attending appointments
• Appointments are subject to availability
• Entitlements not used in any given period will not be carried forward or refunded
• Your membership is continuous and does not require renewing each year
• In the unlikely event of you cancelling your plan you will be required to pay for your last appointment if it has not been covered by your plan payments
• We reserve the right to recover any discounts applied to treatment completed in the previous six-month period