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Children’s Dentistry

Friendly and educational care, for the best start in life

At Westwood Dental Practice, we encourage parents to bring their children to the dentist as early as possible, ideally before the age of one. Getting children used to the idea of regular dental check-ups in a calm and friendly environment creates positive associations with the dentist that will remain with them as they grow up. It’s also a great opportunity for the dental team to make sure both parents and children understand how to look after their teeth properly, and why this needs to be done.

Our goal at Westwood Dental Practice is to prevent disease, rather than treat it later. With this in mind, we provide our young patients with extra treatments to guard against tooth decay.


Research shows that applying a fluoride varnish to children’s teeth is a highly effective way of reducing the risk of tooth decay. At Westwood Dental Practice we recommend children have fluoride varnish twice a year. The procedure is simple and pain-free. The varnish is a pale yellow gel that we apply with a soft brush to the teeth. It sets quickly, with no nasty smells or taste.


When your child’s permanent molars begin to emerge, fissure sealants offer added protection against cavities. A resin-based substance, the sealant is painted onto the grooves of the back teeth to create a plastic shield that prevents food and bacteria getting stuck. The process is pain-free and usually takes a few minutes per tooth. At Westwood Dental Practice we recommend fissure sealants be applied as soon as permanent molars appear.


At Westwood Dental Practice we regularly complete orthodontic extractions to prepare children for teeth straightening procedures. We have forged excellent links with local orthodontic and child dental specialists, so we can make timely referrals should your child require expert teeth straightening treatments.

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