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Check-ups at the dentist

Preventive dental care in Berkshire

At Westwood Dental Practice we strongly recommend every patient visits us at least every six months – even if you feel no pain or discomfort. As we’ve mentioned in our Hygiene section, if you get to the stage where you’re forced to visit the dentist through pain, it’s likely that gum disease or tooth decay have been lying dormant for too long, and the consequences of this are likely to be time-consuming and costly.

Regular dental check-ups are part of Westwood Dental Practice’s preventive approach to dentistry. They allow your dentist the time to check your mouth thoroughly for early signs of disease or decay. Spotting them at this stage means they can usually be treated with minimal stress and financial burden; conversely, avoiding visitng the dentist allows reversible or easily treatable problems to become much more serious. Visit regularly and you are not only guaranteed to save money but will be able to enjoy longterm good oral health too!


• A warm welcome at Westwood Dental Practice
• A thorough assessement of your mouth, teeth and gums
• Lots of questions about your mouth, teeth and gums and time to discuss any concerns you may have
• Lots of questions about your lifestyle and general health, and how these relate to your oral health
• X-rays where required
• Advice on oral hygiene
• Recommendations for further treatment if required


Mercury amalgam has long been the filling material of choice for dentists and while there is no denying that this is a functional, hard wearing and long lasting material, the cosmetic aspects are far from ideal. Amalgam fillings may either show directly or cause your teeth to have an unsightly dark, ‘shadowed’ appearance.

White fillings are an excellent solution. Quartz-based ceramic fillings can be colour-matched to your adjacent teeth to give you an instant improvement in your smile, restoring decayed or broken portions of teeth almost invisibly. For very large fillings, where the quartz composite may not be strong enough, tough cast laboratory-made fillings (known as inlays) may be the answer.

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Typical example of before and after white fillings (composite fillings)